Wednesday, August 17, 2011

(& we're dancing on a dirt floor)

Yikes, so as it turns out I haven't updated since April. is a summary of what has been happening the past 4 months...

-I went home for Easter, and my brothers and I all had the same haircut.

-I saw The Decemberists in concert at Calvin College

-I went to The Fox Theater in Detroit to see A Prairie Home Companion with Luke & the Dennison parents

-Luke got a motorcycle!

-My audio class premiered our short films.

-As spring blossomed into summer, we found ourselves grilling more and more.

-I've spent as much time at Lake Michigan beaches as possible

-My lovely friend Niki (& her hubby Peter) moved to New Mexico

-I was a director at a summer camp once again. #dreamjob

-My youngest brother Hunter turned 17 at camp this summer

-Camp ended and I had to bid farewell to many close friends

-Luke turned 23 (& I made him nutella cupcakes)

-I've spent some quality time being reunited with the boy.

-I've been practicing driving, so maybe one of these days I'll be getting my license...

-And in the meantime I'm back in Grand Rapids, trying to figure my life out and preparing for the next semester of school.

In Addition:

-Listen to the song that the title of this post is from. (Berlin Wall by The Heavenly States, one of my summer jams!)

-Catch up with me more at my tumblr archive, and take a look at May 2011, June 2011 & July 2011.

-Follow my tumblr (my blog that is more in the style of stream of consciousness & gets updated more often)


  1. i love that you are driving. and i love the picture of you driving.

    and i just flat out love you. <3

  2. Hey! I am so glad you posted some info about Luke. Now that he doesn't have a facebook we never talk anymore. How is that feller doing? I forgot that you don't have your license... I just finally got mine for the first time last May.. So it's a new thing! I am not a big fan of driving, but I have to admit it is convenient. :P

    Glad to hear you had a good summer!