Thursday, August 25, 2011


This past weekend Luke & I took a road trip to Illinois for a friend's wedding. Here are some of the highlights:
(I know this post has a ton of photos, sorry if it takes a while to load)


Friday evening we hit the road, and I got to drive half of the way!

We stopped at a diner along the highway for a late dinner.

Me, dancing with The Blue Brothers.

We arrived at Jaci & Phil's in Peoria, IL late Friday night, and soon retired to bed.


Saturday morning our friends Jaci & Phil took us to a Farmer's Market in Peoria, where we couldn't resist buying rainbow pasta and yellow watermelon among other things. We met some of their friends and they took us to a delicious restaurant called One World Cafe.

After lunch we embarked on a mystical journey to find The Hole In The Ground Behind The Indian Temple. Jaci, Phil, & Kent had all heard legends of this hole, but had never been there themselves. So we found the Temple and began our adventure.

Along our hike we encountered a lot of interesting looking spiders.

There was also a lot of neat nature all around us.

After over an hour of hiking, the hole was found!

The Hole in The Ground was spectacular - complete with massive rocks, trickling waterfalls, and beautiful plant life.

After our hike, we all took long naps. The rest of the day/night was spent eating yellow watermelon, reading, enjoying sir fry made by Jaci, and watching Hamlet 2 with new friends.


Sunday morning Luke & I went over to our new friend Kent's house, where he made us waffles.

We had ginger waffles with berry-apricot sauce, and coffee of course! It was delicious.

After waffles we headed to church/ Jaci & Phil's wedding. It was lovely, and Luke & I both got quite choked up.

After the wedding we celebrated at their dessert potluck, where we ate far too much sugar and took a ton of photos in the free photo booth they had.

[Jaci, Phil, Luke, & me.]

After the wedding festivities we bid farewell to our new & old friends, and drove to Chicago.

For dinner we HAD to get Chicago-style deep dish pizza, since we were in Chicago.

Sunday night Luke & I got dressed up and went out to Andy's Jazz Club. It was a good night full of jazz music, cocktails, coffee, and wonderful people.


Monday was a pretty slow day. We walked around downtown Chicago and found ourselves at Millennium Park, where we took a nap in the grass next to Crown Fountain.

After more walking around and grabbing veggie burgers at a local pub, we hopped in the car and headed back to Michigan. It was a marvelous weekend!


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