Sunday, April 10, 2011

(& it's time time time)

Today, April 10, 2011, is the day that 76 Coffee (my favorite coffee shop) is closing its doors. Tom Waits seemed like absolutely the most appropriate lyric choice for the title of this blog.


Thank you for developing my taste for coffee.

Thank you for my addiction to cigarettes (no really, thank you!)

Thank you for the incredible music.

Thank you for the long hours of doing (and not doing) homework.

Thank you for not caring how many days it has been since I showered

Thank you for being assholes, but never with hostility or animosity.

Thank you for a place to escape when I still lived in a dorm.

Thanks for a place to sober up post bar hopping.

Thank you for not minding my yelling and tears on a bad day.

Thank you for letting me keep my insulin in your fridge when I didn’t have a home that one night.

Thank you for opening my eyes to the good things that exist in Grand Rapids.

Thank you for giving me a place to grow from a lost teenager to a (more) confident adult.

Thank you for the real people and beautiful souls that I have met.

Thank you for truly the greatest friends I will ever have.

Thank you for the hookups, the break ups, and the love that I’ve found.

Thank you for being a home to me over these past few year.

love always, Amy


“There is a visual sensuality of smoking with other smokers – having other smokers' smoke in your face and lungs is strangely intimate.”
–from the documentary 'Bright Leaves'


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