Monday, February 28, 2011

(this could be a movie)

Oscar Nominated Films That I Saw.
(in alphabetical order)

Alice in Wonderland*
Animal Kingdom
Black Swan*
Day & Night*
Exit Through the Gift Shop
The Fighter*
How to Train Your Dragon
I Am Love
Iron Man 2*
The Kids Are All Right
The Kings Speech*
127 Hours*
The Social Network*
Toy Story 3*
Tron: Legacy*
True Grit*
Winter’s Bone
The Wolfman*

Oscar Count: 21

(* denotes that I saw it in theater.)

Not as many as I saw last year, but still a substantial amount that makes me happy. Thanks to all who made watching these possible! From drive-in movies to goofy dates, dealing with my sobbing emotions and sneaking snacks into the theater, the people who watched these with me are incredible and mean even more to me than these stellar films.

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  1. I'm posting this here because I believe you should do some of it.

    I'm not emailing it to you, and because, up until two seconds ago, I thought that posting stuff on your blog was the only way I could contact you. I'm dumb. But you'll like getting a comment, so no regrets.