Friday, February 4, 2011

(on a winters sunday i go)

Hello all! I hope everyone has stayed strong through the mighty Blizzard of 2011 and that there have been enough cozy blankets, hot cocoa mugs and sleds to go around.

The first thing I would like to address is the new album by The Decemberists! Luke and I bought it last Thursday (thank you itunes gift card!) and first had the pleasure of listening to it on our long car ride back to Blissfield. I am very fond of it, and I highly encourage everyone to check out The King is Dead. All of the titles of my blog posts are song lyrics, and the title of this post is from a song from the album called January Hymn.

I haven't posted anything new since before interim break (though I try to put a little something up here daily). My interim break was just splendid, and included a trip to Ann Arbor with Anne and Luke, a delicious breakfast with the Dennison family, and just a lot of good family time at my parent's house too. Luke is all moved into his new house and has started his new job, and my semester is officially underway. I'm feeling good about it all so far...

Here are some photos from recent life adventures:

[Anne and her ice sculpture buddy.]

[We went to a martini bar in Ann Arbor.]

[When I saw there was a martini called the "Femme Fatale" I just had to get it! Film noir has taken over my life.]

[My parent's house was a little icy.]

[Me & Buster! I miss my dog when I'm in GR.]

[Our first day of school/work photo.]


Goofy Snow Pictures:


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  1. Ow ow! Sexy thang!

    Oh, hi, Amy. I was just chatting with your snowperson.

    Also, my flatmate whose room is next to mine was playing "Home" earlier. I got up the courage to go knock on her door (I barely know any of these's kind of awkward) and tell her that I liked her music selection. That prompted a [relatively] lengthy discussion about StumbleUpon, Pandora, the Juno Soundtrack, and Australia.

    So, basically, thank you for having musical tastes that facilitate my getting to know the other women I'm living with in a foreign land. I greatly appreciate it.