Thursday, January 27, 2011

(january twenty something)

Interim 2011 is over! I am currently on break and enjoying it. I head to Blissfield for a few days tomorrow, which should be a good time.

Stuff that's happened since my last post:

-I've been using tumblr for my more creative endeavors. Please visit it here and check out my art, photos, and other fun stuff.

-Luke & I went to The Bitter End for coffee, and sat out in the snow for a bit. It was chilly, but fun!

-We got to see Pulp Fiction in theater!

-I baked cupcakes for Cupcake Friday last week.

-The Academy Award Nominations have been announced! At the time announced I had seen 11 of the nominated films...I'm so pumped, OSCAR SEASON IS MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR! (other than summer, obviously.)
[Audrey Hepburn]

-The last day of Interim I had a grand night playing games with my good old friends Jake, Luke, Dan, Jon, & Alyson.

-My roomie Christie is back in the country! She just spent interim adventuring around Panama.

-I had to bid farewell to both Ben and Mary for an entire semester. Goodbyes are not so fun.

-Luke has been one feisty fella these days, but it's ok cuz I like him.
[please note the peanut butter he smeared on my face.]

Also, Luke has a job and a place to live in Grand Rapids! Hoorah!


Now I just need a little rest & relaxation to take on my next semester come Monday.


january twenty something
let 'em line up and slide away

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