Tuesday, November 8, 2011

(i wanna grow old with you)

Luke proposed to me this past Saturday, November 5th.
We made dinner together and shared some red wine while listening to a sweet radio program about food and relationships, and then he took me upstairs to his bedroom. In his bedroom I was surprised to find that he had set up two old movie theater seats and an old projector screen. Then he disappeared into his closet and I heard the whirrring of an old 1950’s projector, and a 16 mm student film from the 60’s began playing. We started watching it together and talking, and then he pulled out an antique ring box and asked me to marry him. I started crying and hugging him, and then realized I hadn’t answered his question, and then said yes yes yes yes yes. And that is that.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


This past weekend Luke & I took a road trip to Illinois for a friend's wedding. Here are some of the highlights:
(I know this post has a ton of photos, sorry if it takes a while to load)


Friday evening we hit the road, and I got to drive half of the way!

We stopped at a diner along the highway for a late dinner.

Me, dancing with The Blue Brothers.

We arrived at Jaci & Phil's in Peoria, IL late Friday night, and soon retired to bed.


Saturday morning our friends Jaci & Phil took us to a Farmer's Market in Peoria, where we couldn't resist buying rainbow pasta and yellow watermelon among other things. We met some of their friends and they took us to a delicious restaurant called One World Cafe.

After lunch we embarked on a mystical journey to find The Hole In The Ground Behind The Indian Temple. Jaci, Phil, & Kent had all heard legends of this hole, but had never been there themselves. So we found the Temple and began our adventure.

Along our hike we encountered a lot of interesting looking spiders.

There was also a lot of neat nature all around us.

After over an hour of hiking, the hole was found!

The Hole in The Ground was spectacular - complete with massive rocks, trickling waterfalls, and beautiful plant life.

After our hike, we all took long naps. The rest of the day/night was spent eating yellow watermelon, reading, enjoying sir fry made by Jaci, and watching Hamlet 2 with new friends.


Sunday morning Luke & I went over to our new friend Kent's house, where he made us waffles.

We had ginger waffles with berry-apricot sauce, and coffee of course! It was delicious.

After waffles we headed to church/ Jaci & Phil's wedding. It was lovely, and Luke & I both got quite choked up.

After the wedding we celebrated at their dessert potluck, where we ate far too much sugar and took a ton of photos in the free photo booth they had.

[Jaci, Phil, Luke, & me.]

After the wedding festivities we bid farewell to our new & old friends, and drove to Chicago.

For dinner we HAD to get Chicago-style deep dish pizza, since we were in Chicago.

Sunday night Luke & I got dressed up and went out to Andy's Jazz Club. It was a good night full of jazz music, cocktails, coffee, and wonderful people.


Monday was a pretty slow day. We walked around downtown Chicago and found ourselves at Millennium Park, where we took a nap in the grass next to Crown Fountain.

After more walking around and grabbing veggie burgers at a local pub, we hopped in the car and headed back to Michigan. It was a marvelous weekend!


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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

(& we're dancing on a dirt floor)

Yikes, so as it turns out I haven't updated since April. So...here is a summary of what has been happening the past 4 months...

-I went home for Easter, and my brothers and I all had the same haircut.

-I saw The Decemberists in concert at Calvin College

-I went to The Fox Theater in Detroit to see A Prairie Home Companion with Luke & the Dennison parents

-Luke got a motorcycle!

-My audio class premiered our short films.

-As spring blossomed into summer, we found ourselves grilling more and more.

-I've spent as much time at Lake Michigan beaches as possible

-My lovely friend Niki (& her hubby Peter) moved to New Mexico

-I was a director at a summer camp once again. #dreamjob

-My youngest brother Hunter turned 17 at camp this summer

-Camp ended and I had to bid farewell to many close friends

-Luke turned 23 (& I made him nutella cupcakes)

-I've spent some quality time being reunited with the boy.

-I've been practicing driving, so maybe one of these days I'll be getting my license...

-And in the meantime I'm back in Grand Rapids, trying to figure my life out and preparing for the next semester of school.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

(& it's time time time)

Today, April 10, 2011, is the day that 76 Coffee (my favorite coffee shop) is closing its doors. Tom Waits seemed like absolutely the most appropriate lyric choice for the title of this blog.


Thank you for developing my taste for coffee.

Thank you for my addiction to cigarettes (no really, thank you!)

Thank you for the incredible music.

Thank you for the long hours of doing (and not doing) homework.

Thank you for not caring how many days it has been since I showered

Thank you for being assholes, but never with hostility or animosity.

Thank you for a place to escape when I still lived in a dorm.

Thanks for a place to sober up post bar hopping.

Thank you for not minding my yelling and tears on a bad day.

Thank you for letting me keep my insulin in your fridge when I didn’t have a home that one night.

Thank you for opening my eyes to the good things that exist in Grand Rapids.

Thank you for giving me a place to grow from a lost teenager to a (more) confident adult.

Thank you for the real people and beautiful souls that I have met.

Thank you for truly the greatest friends I will ever have.

Thank you for the hookups, the break ups, and the love that I’ve found.

Thank you for being a home to me over these past few year.

love always, Amy


“There is a visual sensuality of smoking with other smokers – having other smokers' smoke in your face and lungs is strangely intimate.”
–from the documentary 'Bright Leaves'


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

(all I wanna do is drink beer for breakfast)

Alright, the title of this post is a lie, but I do like The Get Up Kids and it seemed appropriate for a post that mentions the release of this season's batch of Oberon!

Few quick updates:

1. Luke chopped off all my hair this weekend.

2. This season's batch of Bell's Oberon was released yesterday. Luke, Christian, and I were at the bar at 11:30 am for our first taste. Oberon is my favorite beer. Summer is on its way, slowly but surely.

[me & Luke's first Oberon, and free stickers!]

3. The Mountain Goats newest album 'All Eternals Deck' was released today. For a limited time you can listen to it here, from NPR.

That is all. Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 28, 2011

(these few presidents)

This past week was spring break, and my friend Sarah and I roadtripped to Washington, D.C. to visit our friend Ben. Here are some photos from our adventures!

[Sarah and me in front of the Jefferson Memorial.]

[Arlington Cemetery.]

[This is Ben and me in front of the capitol.]

[the Smithsonian Castle!]

[There were cupcake shops everywhere.]

[Georgetown was full of pretty flowers.]

[A snake at the zoo.]

[This is me kissing a frog at the zoo. He did not turn into a prince.]

[We toured NPR, and this is one of the studios.]

[Here is a piece by Andy Warhol, who is my favorite.]

[By the end of our visit, Washington was covered in gorgeous cherry blossoms. I couldn't help but snap pictures of them.]

[Ben being a goof on the metro.]

[We have a gorgeous Library of Congress.]