Monday, December 6, 2010

(home is wherever i'm with you)

As the semester is coming to an end (woohoo last week before exams!), I would like to take the time to recognize how great my house is. Since the start of this school year I have been living with 3 absolutely incredible young women: Carley, Christie, and Mary. Together, we are the awesome Underwood girls.

It has been a grand experience living together and sharing our lives with one another. From late night silliness to early morning chats, tears and uncontrollable laughter, dirty dishes to ridiculous photo shoots, I have gained and will always treasure so much about "us". Not to mention the fact that we have a super rad sidekick - Harvey the bunny.

A collection of house memories:

[at KHvR dorm banquet last year, taking our first "house" picture]

[having an Exotic Fruit Party!]

[Us (even Harvey!), in front of our house on a warm fall day]

[out on the town, celebrating Carley's birthday at Build-a-Bear!]

[at our Christmas party, in fabulously festive dresses]

I love you girls. Thank you for all of the compassion and support you have shown me over the last few months (and years) of our friendship!

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