Thursday, December 16, 2010

(deprive my sleep, cause theres no love like apathy)

Since this semester is moments (one exam) away from is a tribute to all the crazy studying that has occurred. HOORAH finals, and HOORAH winter break!


[Jake & Me working hard in the DeVos]

[Mary, taking a study break]

[Christie workin hard on the living room floor]

[Carley, enjoying our awesome kitchen floor]

[Ben & Myself, putting on our thinking caps]

[Me & Kaytee, pooling brain power and downing coffee]

[That one Luke kid, who happens to be my favorite study buddy]

I'm now putting this fried brain and overly caffeinated body to bed. Off to camp tomorrow... goodnight world!


I'm nicotine
I'm coming clean
I fooled the crowd
when i made it sound
like i was more than ready.

strike up the band,
deprive my sleep,
cause theres no love
like apathy.
the bell that tolls
rings loud enough
that it should have
woke us up
-The Format

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