Tuesday, November 9, 2010

(our love is here to stay)

This weekend I had a very special guest come visit me: my best friend, my boyfriend, my lover - Mister Luke Dennison! It was a very spectacular time, as his visits always are.

There was laughter and tears. He read to me, we ate delicious Thai food, baked an apple pie, hung out with old and new friends, sipped coffee, went for a cool autumn walk, scrambled eggs, slow danced to jazz in my kitchen, shared a bottle of red wine, watched a movie, munched on pretzels with beer, and saw BEN FOLDS in concert, just to list a few of the activities that took place.

On Saturday we spent no less than 3 hours in Meijer, waiting on my prescriptions and trying to get insurance figured out. I felt pretty darn lucky to have Luke there to hold my hand and keep me calm while my patience slowly unraveled.

[meijer turned our brains to mush]

[silly, anti-boredom picture]

We baked an apple pie, which I had never done before, which made me pretty proud.

[yummy pie!]

Kaytee & Asa came over Saturday night, which led to a good cuddle-puddle and a splurge on pizza with my housemates. This fall has been entirely emotionally exhausting, and it’s so nice to be surrounded by people I admire for their beauty on the inside and out, and to feel the love just radiating.

[hoorah photobooth!]


I’m quite certain one of my favorite moments of the weekend was when we were making our dinner Monday night and Luke took my hand in his, drew me close to his chest and slowly swayed me back and forth. The smell of freshly chopped onions mixed with the olive oil simmering in a nearby pan, and Ella’s voice sang out of the speakers alongside the sound of Louis’s trumpet. Looking into Luke’s eyes and being so close to his heartbeat made me feel warm, safe, loved, and home...



It's very clear our love is here to stay.
Not for a year, but ever and a day.
The radio and the telephone.
And the movies that we know.
May just be passing fancies and in time may go.
But, oh my dear, our love is here to stay.
Together were going a long, long way...



  1. I'm enormously glad you had a lovely weekend, and that I could be a [very small] part of it!

    Question: was it planned or coincidental that the picture of your meijer-brain-mush includes a sign that says "Meijer makes managing your diabetes easy and affordable"?

  2. Oh my gosh, I did not notice that until RIGHT NOW.
    Bahahaha, that's too great. Good observation Miss Mary!