Monday, November 1, 2010

(he did the monster mash)

Happy Halloween! This October has been fantastic, and Halloween is my favorite holiday and I'm just so so so happy right now.

I think my favorite part of the holiday this year - even better than the parties, decorations, dressing up, horror movies, pumpkin carving, cider, donuts, children's books, caramel apples, cookies, pumpkin beer, Witch's Brew Wine, Goblin Juice, and spooky music - was handing out candy to the adorable kids trick-or-treating today. I love kids, and they made me miss my campers.

I also really really enjoyed the halloween party I went to last night. Lots of good old friends, 3 great bands, fun costumes and dancing!

Picture time:

[Carley & I were mimes at a halloween party a few weeks ago]

[pumpkin patch adventure friends]

[pumpkin carving party!]

[yes, my pumpkin is covered in glitter & feathers & rhinestones. There is a reason I work with 8 year olds.]

[our spectacular jack o'lanterns]

[Alyson as a gypsy, Jake as a dog, Luke as Lucifer, and Me as Brigitte Lin in 'Chungking Express']

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