Friday, November 12, 2010

(banana phone)

This is my lovely friend Jo:

[it is the first picture we ever took together]

Jo has been one of my best friends IN THE ENTIRE WORLD since the summer of 2008. We were co-counselors at camp in the Ottawa village together! The silly/unfortunate part of our friendship is that she lives allll the way across the ocean in England.

We have many excellent memories together - late night giggle fits, crazy campers, and heartfelt conversations to name a few.

She came and visited America at the end of last summer, which was spectacular, but boy do I miss the hell out of that girl!

The reason I'm writing this post about Miss Jo Byram, is because today is her BIRTHDAY! So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JO! I LOVE YOU!


Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring Banana phone I've got this feeling, so appealing, for us to get together and sing. Sing!


(Also, I didn't update the ol' blog yesterday, but it was my dear housemate Carley's I wanna give shout out to her too!)

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