Thursday, November 25, 2010

(thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat)

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that all of you have had a grand day full of food and fellowship.

My day has been lovely...I got to spend the morning with the Dennison family and the afternoon/evening with my family.

The blessings that I am most thankful for include my loving and supportive family, boyfriend, and friends. They are what makes this world so beautiful to me.


A Series of Portraits: The Martin Family Thanksgiving

Friday, November 19, 2010

(awkward and innocent, not belligerent)

It's been one of those weeks... of those really hard weeks.

Not one where I drown my sorrows with a flask or actually take myself seriously in fake glasses, but one where being a little goofy is what I need to do to feel better.

I need to sleep more, eat healthier, clean up my belongings, and do more school work.

I need to "STRESS LESS".

I need to listen to pretty songs with nice lyrics. [taking recommendations]

I need to keep on keeping on.

I need to remember to smile.


I just got back from another successful night at 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'. Rice flew, toast was tossed, we did the Time Warp was grand. This event really does mean a heck of a lot to me, and I appreciate all who came!

I went as Janet this time:
[Me & Dan as Janet & Brad]


Best Fortune Cookie Ever:
[Listen, I'm allowed to be a little cheesy and ridiculous...I've had a hard day dang it.]

But it's true! Luke is coming my way very soon (a matter of a few days!), along with our good friend Anne. I'm super excited!

Alrighty, beddy time now. Goodnight world.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

(you should call me sometime)

I just killed yet another phone.

Thanks to funds from my lovely housemate Christie, I have cheap little replacement phone. For some odd reason only some of the contacts transferred over. So, if you are reading this please just send me a little text letting me know who you are/your number? Thanks!


"You should call me sometime, I won't answer but, at least I'll know you care
How will you know it was me?
You think I've got caller ID?"
-Of Montreal


On a different subject, check out this sweet French guy, Sliimy:


Saturday, November 13, 2010

(with voyeuristic intention)

Yesterday evening my housemate Carley was working on a project for her photography class, and managed to rope many of us in as models.

Since she's a fancy pants photographer, she was shooting alas, I don't have copies of the final photos (though she did spend her morning in the dark room, so maybe some soon?). I do have some some crappy pictures taken on my cellular telephone though of all the fun we had during the shoot:

[Carley & Ben setting up the shot]

[Ben & Me, enjoying the tropical fruit]

[Carley eating a banana - made me think of Nick Hagen]

[Carley & Me, probably my favorite picture from the shoot...]


Later in the evening Carley, Luke Purds, and I went to a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show! We even got Purds in a dress, tights, and wig as Janet (dammit).

Then I wrote this letter:

Hello and greetings to my dear friends!

As many of you know, I tend to avoid facebook completely at all costs, and would only use it if something INCREDIBLY important came up. And now, it has. I have been presented with the opportunity smack-dab in front of my face to make one of my biggest dreams to come true, and I need your help to do it!

What is this huge life-long dream of mine you may ask? It is to become part of the weekly show of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The cheap theater (Celebration Woodland) is showing it indefinitely every Friday & Saturday at 10:45 p.m. I went to the first showing tonight with my friends Carley and Luke, and it was lovely. The man running it was an amiable middle aged man and Rocky Horror veteran. The theater wasn’t very full, the callbacks were limited (Asshole. Slut.), the energy was lacking (though we all enjoyed the timewarp), and overall it just didn’t quite have the feel of the other Rocky Horror movie/live experiences I’ve been to.

The point is, that this could be our chance to seize! OUR TIME TO SHINE. I think we could really do something with it. We can learn the callbacks, bring the props, go to the shows, dress up – and dare I even say learn the parts and act it out? This show needs the gusto, the energy, the creativity, and the sexuality that I know we all can bring! Even if we could just do one big show, my life would be made.

SO, if you are here in Grand Rapids, let’s make some plans, get together, and DO THIS. And if you don’t, well…come visit and join in! PLEASE! Email me at if you’re interested, and let’s go from there!

Don your fishnets, dig out your feather boas, dust off that copy of ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ (for inspiration), and get ready to DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN!

*P.S. If you are a Rocky Horror virgin, do not be shy! You are more than welcome to join in on the festivities!*

Friday, November 12, 2010

(banana phone)

This is my lovely friend Jo:

[it is the first picture we ever took together]

Jo has been one of my best friends IN THE ENTIRE WORLD since the summer of 2008. We were co-counselors at camp in the Ottawa village together! The silly/unfortunate part of our friendship is that she lives allll the way across the ocean in England.

We have many excellent memories together - late night giggle fits, crazy campers, and heartfelt conversations to name a few.

She came and visited America at the end of last summer, which was spectacular, but boy do I miss the hell out of that girl!

The reason I'm writing this post about Miss Jo Byram, is because today is her BIRTHDAY! So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JO! I LOVE YOU!


Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring Banana phone I've got this feeling, so appealing, for us to get together and sing. Sing!


(Also, I didn't update the ol' blog yesterday, but it was my dear housemate Carley's I wanna give shout out to her too!)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

(our love is here to stay)

This weekend I had a very special guest come visit me: my best friend, my boyfriend, my lover - Mister Luke Dennison! It was a very spectacular time, as his visits always are.

There was laughter and tears. He read to me, we ate delicious Thai food, baked an apple pie, hung out with old and new friends, sipped coffee, went for a cool autumn walk, scrambled eggs, slow danced to jazz in my kitchen, shared a bottle of red wine, watched a movie, munched on pretzels with beer, and saw BEN FOLDS in concert, just to list a few of the activities that took place.

On Saturday we spent no less than 3 hours in Meijer, waiting on my prescriptions and trying to get insurance figured out. I felt pretty darn lucky to have Luke there to hold my hand and keep me calm while my patience slowly unraveled.

[meijer turned our brains to mush]

[silly, anti-boredom picture]

We baked an apple pie, which I had never done before, which made me pretty proud.

[yummy pie!]

Kaytee & Asa came over Saturday night, which led to a good cuddle-puddle and a splurge on pizza with my housemates. This fall has been entirely emotionally exhausting, and it’s so nice to be surrounded by people I admire for their beauty on the inside and out, and to feel the love just radiating.

[hoorah photobooth!]


I’m quite certain one of my favorite moments of the weekend was when we were making our dinner Monday night and Luke took my hand in his, drew me close to his chest and slowly swayed me back and forth. The smell of freshly chopped onions mixed with the olive oil simmering in a nearby pan, and Ella’s voice sang out of the speakers alongside the sound of Louis’s trumpet. Looking into Luke’s eyes and being so close to his heartbeat made me feel warm, safe, loved, and home...



It's very clear our love is here to stay.
Not for a year, but ever and a day.
The radio and the telephone.
And the movies that we know.
May just be passing fancies and in time may go.
But, oh my dear, our love is here to stay.
Together were going a long, long way...


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

(how far leaves could really fly)

And so begins November - the month of frosty mornings, not shaving, novel writing, and Thanksgiving break.

I think it will be a good month.

This afternoon I hung out outside with Jake & Dan, which was very nice.

As we had a spitting contest and talked about ridiculous things, Dan pointed out how we are just like we were when we were freshmen. And while yes, we are quite similar, I look at the fact that my friends have internships and are graduating & that I actually go to my classes, and I realize that things are also a lot different. And I'm quite okay with that.

Ok, I have an exam to study for, so I should go. But, LUKE DENNISON IS COMING FRIDAY! & I'm rather excited.


Monday, November 1, 2010

(he did the monster mash)

Happy Halloween! This October has been fantastic, and Halloween is my favorite holiday and I'm just so so so happy right now.

I think my favorite part of the holiday this year - even better than the parties, decorations, dressing up, horror movies, pumpkin carving, cider, donuts, children's books, caramel apples, cookies, pumpkin beer, Witch's Brew Wine, Goblin Juice, and spooky music - was handing out candy to the adorable kids trick-or-treating today. I love kids, and they made me miss my campers.

I also really really enjoyed the halloween party I went to last night. Lots of good old friends, 3 great bands, fun costumes and dancing!

Picture time:

[Carley & I were mimes at a halloween party a few weeks ago]

[pumpkin patch adventure friends]

[pumpkin carving party!]

[yes, my pumpkin is covered in glitter & feathers & rhinestones. There is a reason I work with 8 year olds.]

[our spectacular jack o'lanterns]

[Alyson as a gypsy, Jake as a dog, Luke as Lucifer, and Me as Brigitte Lin in 'Chungking Express']