Thursday, October 28, 2010

(round each corner there's a chance)

Grand Rapids hosts this awesome thing called ArtPrize, which is an international art festival/contest/social experiment where the winners are chosen solely by the votes of the general public. The venues are parks, restaurants, museums, and basically every other type of public space in Grand Rapids imaginable. So essentially downtown GR is a bustling beautiful venue of art for two weeks. This happened at the beginning of the month and I’m only posting about it now…oops. But here are some of my photos from my ArtPrize adventures:

[me & Carley & A GIANT ELEPHANT!]

[Carley, taking some nice pictures]

[one of my favorite sculptures]

[Carley, right before I yelled loud things to her]


[trapped by art! muahaha]

[oh what a Grand River]

[Noah, climbing on stuff]

[me, hanging out in the giant G that spelled out "Grand Rapids]


My favorite ArtPrize entry was Plan B, by the Beerhorst Family & friends. The description of work reads:

"Our Artprize 2010 will be an out door installation that will simulate a post peak oil world where electricity is only intermittent and almost everything used to keep daily life humming along has been made out of preexisting products and materials. A combination of very old technologies with what can be patched together out of the rubble of what has been made before, fallen apart and left behind.

The current world of high speed internet and smart phones is all an ongoing modern miracle that all works so well but the nagging question is if and when it comes down what is our plan B. Our Art Prize entry will be an artistic attempt to answer this question."

Some photos from it Here.

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  1. My hubby said 'that guy has a cool face' about the blonde boy in your picture on the merry-go-round. :P So I thought I would relay the message. :)