Thursday, October 7, 2010

(been to jackson square)

Ok, I know using lyrics to the Mason Jennings’s song Jackson Square as the title of my post may be a bit foreboding, but I promise that isn’t my intention. I simply chose those lyrics because this post is about my recent trip to New Orleans a few weekends ago.

My mother and I flew to New Orleans for a weekend to attend my aunt’s bridal luncheon and bachelorette party. My aunt (my mom’s half sister) is named Lauren and just graduated from pharmacy school and is soon to marry a wonderful man named Dustin. I’m very excited for them.

We arrived in Louisiana on Friday, and spent the day with my grandfather, his wife Ellen, and my aunt Lauren. Then all the festivities began on Saturday.

Saturday morning we woke up and got all dressed up for the formal bridal luncheon my aunt was throwing for her bridesmaids. They rented a room at a fancy restaurant that overlooked the French Quarter. The food, from the soufflé potatoes and champagne to the Baked Alaskan for dessert, was absolutely heavenly.

[the private dining room]

[me, Lauren, Mom, Ellen]

After the luncheon my mom and I went with Lauren and some of her bridesmaids around the French Quarter, allowing us a chance to purchase a few souvenirs. Then we went to the hotel for the start of the bachelorette festivities. There was more champagne and the opportunity for Lauren to open all her lingerie gifts. After that we changed into our clothes for a night on the town – Lauren in pink and the rest of us in black. We also donned feather boas, mardi gras masks, and armed ourselves with beads to give away to people. Then we hit Bourbon Street for an evening of alcohol, utter craziness, and fun.

[me & mom, dolled up for the night]

[the whole crazy group of us]

[balcony over Bourbon Street, where people throw beads from!]

[me & Fats.]

The next morning we woke up and walked to Café du Monde from our hotel, which is one of my favorite restaurants in New Orleans – they have the best beignets! “Nothing cures a hangover like coffee and beignets.”

We checked out of the hotel, went back to my grandpa’s where I took a quick swim in his pool (in the 90 degree weather!), and left for the airport. It was a short but very sweet weekend.

[view from hotel room]

[Jackson Square]

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  1. OH!!!! This post made my heart ache for New Orleans. New Orleans is my favorite city. I am in love with the french quarter and the food, and the music and the people and everything. I miss it! Glad you had a good time.