Tuesday, March 30, 2010

(geranium kisser)

Today I accidentally left my text book at home and I had to do some early-morning reading, so I camped out in the campus store and read my assignment out of one of their copies. It reminded me of this comic:

Yesterday I got a new hole in my ear. Carley took me, and we went to Pain for Sale, which is where I got my lobes done freshmen year. I'm quite pleased with it thus far. Yipee piercings!

In other news, I had an excellent Spring Break - oodles better than last year's (heh heh heh.)

Here are a few of the highlights:

-seeing Luke every day! (especially after not seeing him for a whole darn month)
-catching up with Miss Ashley Waterbury at a good ol' sports bar
-Dying Easter eggs with Luke, Jenny, Gail, Mike Nash, and Curtis. (including the straw shenanigans)
-enjoying baby Zach's birthday with the Dennison's
-going for a long walk with Hunter, exploring the playground.
-driving around with Alex (listening to BLINK-182!)
-Shopping with my mama, Nana, and aunt
-Having the shortest diabetes appointment EVER!
-listening to Luke's new Why? record
-coffee & donuts with Luke and Anne (& hearing of her LA adventures)
-painting walls
-baking brownies with the boy
-J&G pizza, coffee shop interviews, and open mic with new friends
-Red Robin, Cold Stone & The Shed with K Squared
-Being taken out to lunch by dad
-Late night reading, pizza eating, and wine drinking
-Big breakfast at the Dennison's
-Seinfeld & popcorn with Luke/Ross
-Cinderella with Emma & Lyd & Luke & Mama Dennison

[the egg dying crew. photo courtesy of mike nash.]

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  1. thank you dear.
    we still need to get coffee.
    email me your schedule so we can work shit out, yo.