Tuesday, March 30, 2010

(geranium kisser)

Today I accidentally left my text book at home and I had to do some early-morning reading, so I camped out in the campus store and read my assignment out of one of their copies. It reminded me of this comic:

Yesterday I got a new hole in my ear. Carley took me, and we went to Pain for Sale, which is where I got my lobes done freshmen year. I'm quite pleased with it thus far. Yipee piercings!

In other news, I had an excellent Spring Break - oodles better than last year's (heh heh heh.)

Here are a few of the highlights:

-seeing Luke every day! (especially after not seeing him for a whole darn month)
-catching up with Miss Ashley Waterbury at a good ol' sports bar
-Dying Easter eggs with Luke, Jenny, Gail, Mike Nash, and Curtis. (including the straw shenanigans)
-enjoying baby Zach's birthday with the Dennison's
-going for a long walk with Hunter, exploring the playground.
-driving around with Alex (listening to BLINK-182!)
-Shopping with my mama, Nana, and aunt
-Having the shortest diabetes appointment EVER!
-listening to Luke's new Why? record
-coffee & donuts with Luke and Anne (& hearing of her LA adventures)
-painting walls
-baking brownies with the boy
-J&G pizza, coffee shop interviews, and open mic with new friends
-Red Robin, Cold Stone & The Shed with K Squared
-Being taken out to lunch by dad
-Late night reading, pizza eating, and wine drinking
-Big breakfast at the Dennison's
-Seinfeld & popcorn with Luke/Ross
-Cinderella with Emma & Lyd & Luke & Mama Dennison

[the egg dying crew. photo courtesy of mike nash.]

Saturday, March 13, 2010

(even the stars hideaway)

Friday night my lovely roomie and I went on an adventure in downtown Grand Rapids. She got to test out her new camera and shot a lot of fun footage. Here is a video she put together of it - check it out!

As the Bright Lights of the City Fade from Bethany Woelk on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

(let's go for a walk)

Yesterday the sun was shining and spring was starting to peak out from under the snow banks, so I decided to go for a walk.

It was so warm that I didn't even need a coat.
Amy on fire hydrant

I discovered that there are a ton of berries on the path outside my apartment.

When the snow starts to melt it reveals some neat things, like this broken plastic:
broken plastic.

My shadow kept following me, but I didn't mind the company.
playing with my shadow.

These boys were the best:
Romeo & Juliet?
They were sitting outside (one on the balcony, one on the stump) playing their gameboys and yelling things to each other every now and then. It was cute.

Warm weather makes my heart happy. I'm quite excited for spring to get here and for more walks around my neighborhood.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

(those scenes I love to see)

Oscar Nominated Films That I Saw. 
(in alphabetical order)

An Education
Coco Before Chanel
Crazy Heart
District 9
Fantastic Mr. Fox
French Roast
Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty
In the Loop
Inglourious Basterds
Julie & Julia
A Matter of Loaf and Death
Paris 36
A Serious Man
Sherlock Holmes
A Single Man
Star Trek
The Blind Side
The Door
The Hurt Locker
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
The Lady and the Reaper (La Dama y la Muerte)
The Last Station
The Princess and the Frog
Up in the Air

Oscar Count: 31

That’s 11 more than last year and double the year before that. Thank you to all who made watching these possible! From spilling funnel cakes & theater popcorn to comforting my migraines and cramming 4 movies in a day, the company in which I watched these films means as much to me as the movies themselves.