Friday, February 26, 2010

(it's alive)


My computer, that is.

On Tuesday, February 23rd, I spilled an entire glass of water across my keyboard. Immediately (under Ben's instructions) I unplugged it, removed the battery, took a blow dryer to it (on the 'cool' setting) and buried it in rice overnight.

The next day we tried to turn it on, and it kind of worked. It would turn on to the booting screen and then wouldn't go any further. So we took it to the Calvin helpdesk and then the Apple store. At the Apple store they ran it with a different harddrive and they looked at my harddrive and both seemed to be working - just not together.

Now, this morning I woke up and decided to give my computer another try - AND IT WORKS! I have a lovely glowing waterspot in the left hand corner of my screen, but I can live with that. I just pray that it continues to decide it wants to work.

Don't drink water by your computer, especially if you're a klutz like me.
(also, a computer is not a plate for popcorn, a makeup mirror, a camera to take pictures in the rain, or a doorstop)

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