Monday, January 11, 2010

(i'm sticking with you)

On Friday evening, the wonderful Mr. Luke Dennison came up from Blissfield to visit me in Grand Rapids. It was so nice to see him! He made me dinner, we shared a bottle of red wine, and watched 8 ½. Right before bed he read to me the first two chapters of his favorite book.

Saturday morning our dear friends Asa & KayTee came over to the apartment. After the warm embraces and shouts of our reunion (more directed at Luke than me, since he was in Europe for 3 months…) we settled in, made some coffee, took pictures on the balcony, and listened to poetry. Then we got bundled up to take the trek down the hill to the Gonzales/Purdy residence to borrow two eggs, and very carefully trekked back without breaking the eggs. After eating some delicious chocolate chip waffles we settled in to watch the film ‘Beautiful Losers’, which was really fantastic and inspiring. After we made some art of our own, Asa & KayTee left us. Much too shortly following that, Luke also had to go home.



  1. I wanna see more of those pictures!

  2. Oh my goodness, you can talk about drinking wine and you can't even get in trouble for it.

    You never called me. Does that mean you didn't get my messages? Or are you trying to erase me from your life?