Wednesday, December 16, 2009

(so long, so long)

Dear friends of the facebook community,

The time has come for me to say farewell. I, Amy Martin, am going to discontinue the use of facebook.

Why? Well, frankly it is because I am addicted. I let it suck away hours of my day, everyday. I wish I had the self control to just cut back my facebook use, but I do not. So instead I am just going to quit, cold turkey.

My original plan was to delete my account and have that be that. But upon hearing my plan I had many friends ask me to leave to my account active, primarily so they still have access to my 77 albums of photos. So my new plan is to give my pal my Ben my password and have him change it so I can’t get into my account.

The thing that I am going to miss the most about facebook is how easy it is to stay in contact with people. Overtime I have come to realize that the majority of the 912 relationships I have on facebook are quite superficial and mostly consist of looking at one another’s profiles without actually interacting with each other. I don’t want to be spending my time on these kind of relationships. This isn’t to say that I don’t have really good friendships on facebook, and that I don’t appreciate our shared interactions…and for those people I hope that we can continue to interact off facebook, whether it be through email, phone calls, instant messages, letters, or preferably in person! This is going to be especially hard on my long distance friendships, but I believe that it will all work out. Please please please email me so I can have your address. My email is

Now, of course I’ll still be using the internet and wasting my time in oodles of other ways. For those of you still interested in following me on the interweb, here are some of the places I’ll be posting things:

I just started a new blog on blogspot (recommended by a friend), so if you have an account feel free to add me on there so we can follow each other:

I’ve been blogging since high school, and have been pretty consistently posting on xanga since 2005, which you can read here:

I haven’t put any photos up yet, but without having facebook as a place to publish my pictures I’m sure I’ll have some up on my flickr soon (add me if you have one!):

Also, if you just want to stalk all the sweet music I’ve been listening to, I have a lastfm account! Woohoo!

Alright, well I guess this it it! Laters facebook!